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July 25, 2018

noah’s birth [birth story session]

Remember the adorable Snell family who was waiting for baby Noah to arrive (you can see their maternity session here)?  Well…seven weeks ago he joined their family! I am so honored Christina and Josh asked me to document his birth story for their family.

On their due date, Christina and Josh headed to the hospital for an induction.  Christina wasn’t in active labor but progressing slowing so I made my way to the hospital to be there for the doctor’s report/check at 12:30.  Christina felt very comfortable that she would be laboring for a few hours after that so laboring and birth would be relaxed and laid back.  I arrived to the room about 12:20 and walked in as Christina’s water broke and she felt the urge to begin pushing.

In came the medical team…and three contractions later (with no time for an epidural) Noah was born!

Noah’s birth was beautiful.  Even with the quick onset of active labor, the birth was relaxed and peaceful.  Christina was so calm and poised with so much support surrounding her.  She had Josh, her amazing husband, on one side, Kara, her doula, on the other,  (Looking for a doula…check out Kindred Hearts) and a great medical team.

It was truly beautiful watching and documenting Christina and Josh getting to know their son – the wrinkles in his forehead, counting his fingers and toes, learning how he wanted to be comforted, and everything inbetween.  They are amazing parents and this little guys is SO loved…you could just see it as you watched them.  Noah is blessed with amazing parents.

Josh was so attentive to Christina and Noah.  I already knew he was a great husband and dad but it was so special to watch him take care of the two of them.  He kept such a careful eye on Noah as all the measurements were taken and any time Noah started to get upset Josh was right there to comfort him.  Seriously guys…Noah is so blessed!

Thankyou Christina and Josh for allowing me in such a personal space to document the birth of baby Noah!  It was truly an honor to capture these photographs for your family.

The birth of a baby is such a special day with so much going on at one time and having a photographer to document it helps remember all the little moments of the day and be able to look back on them for years!  If you are interested in scheduling a birth story session please contact me, I would love to chat.

  1. Melissa says:

    Aw wonderful connections captured. Love the sweet quiet details between parent and newborn.

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