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July 22, 2018

sick baby [life with kids]

The last two weeks at our house have been a whirlwind at to be honest I have felt a bit overwhelmed.  On top of trying to catch up after vacation, a busy schedule, and house issues our youngest, Ella, has been very attached to us and fussy the last week.  I thought she was hitting a growth spirt, however, it turns out she has chicken pox!  She has only wanted to be held and not wear her shirts…the poor kid just doesn’t feel good and I completely understand, those things are miserable.

I have so many things I have wanted to get done since being home from vacation (to include sharing our vacation photos!!!) but all that takes a backseat when my little one needs me.  I love what I do but being mom is absolutely my first priority so this week I took the extra time to cuddle, hold her (and her brother) for naps, push fluids, give extra baths, and try to make her comfortable.

Yesterday, my husband and our older three went to a birthday party while Ella and I stayed home.  She finally wanted to go outside, so dressed only in her brother’s underwear (with a diaper under) she headed outside.  The two of us hung out in the garage and she found the bubble machine.  She sat with that thing for about an hour!  She watched the bubbles, pushed the button, jumped like a frog through them, and had her big smile back…it was so nice to see her starting to feel better and trying to be her happy, silly, independent self again!

I am so thankful I have the opportunity to take care of my littles when they don’t feel well.  One day the to-do list will get done (but let’s be real, it probably won’t since there is always something new to be added) but my kids will never be this age again so I will enjoy every minute of it that I can…even if it is while they are sick.

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